What is Cheep.ca all about?

With the explosion of daily deals over the last few years, it is almost impossible to keep on top of all the best deals in your city. Who wants to look at 40 different sites every day, or have your inbox flooded with email daily? Who wants to miss a great daily deal from a daily deal provider that isn't known as well?

Cheep.ca makes your life easier by providing a daily deal aggregation service that pulls in all the deals in your city (that we know about), organizes them and allows you to find deals quickly and easily! Cheep.ca saves you time and makes your life simpler.

Is my email address secure?

Yes, any contact data you store with Cheep.ca is absolutely safe. We keep your data in secure databases, and we will never sell your email address.

What cities to you aggregate deals for?

We want to provide a great services for all Americans, from the West to the East. We currently operate mostly in larger cities, but we're growing all the time. If you're in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, we've got you covered, but we're also in cities like but also smaller cities like Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Phoenix, St. Louis and Minneapolis. Going forward, if your city has a thriving daily deal industry, we aim to be there! Want to know when we come to your city? Drop us a line via our contact form!.

How many sites do you aggregate?

As of September 2011, we are aggregating deals from 85 daily deal sites. As we find out about new daily deal sites on the scene, we add them. If we're missing some, please help us include them by contacting us!